I’m going on a Blog tour!

I’m going on tour! It sounds so rock ‘n’ roll, doesn’t it? Which anyone who knows me will know I’m not – not even remotely! But from July 29th – August 6th I’ll be flitting from one wonderful books website to another, waffling on about all sorts of stuff – silly, serious and sensational (well, maybe not sensational – but interesting or at least entertaining, I hope!)

I was a blog virgin a fortnight ago so I’ve had a steep blogging curve to climb. The main thing I have learned from the journey is that it aint easy this blogging lark so I now have immense respect for the bloggers of the world. I’m also in awe of the amazing folks who run all the incredible book sites which are little gems of wonder, each and every one! I was so chuffed to be asked to do this tour so thank you, one and all! You guys are the best!

You can check out the banner for my schedule but here’s a sneak peak of what I’m going to be talking about at each of my lovely destinations.

29th July Wondrous Reads www.wondrousreads.com – My first ever blog. Seriously, this is the first blog what I ever wrote. Online car crash or first time blog-tastic? You decide!

30th July I Want to Read That www.Iwanttoreadthat.com – An interview with me! Everything you ever wanted to know about me and my writing and a lot more waffle besides.

31st July Fluttering Butterflies www.flutteringbutterflies.com – My top ten books. It says a lot about a person, their all time literary top ten, you know! What does mine say about me, I wonder?

1st August A Dream of Books http://adreamofbooks.blogspot.com/ – 5 top childhood memories. Zombie grannies, ear-piercing with fish-fingers and incarcerated teachers: turns out I wasn’t such a good girl as I liked to think!

2nd August Heaven, Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews http://www.heavenhellandpurgatory-bookreviews.com/ PUBLICATION DAY SQUEE! This is the day We Can be Heroes comes out, so I’ll be squeaking about that mostly! Possibly incoherently!

3rd August Daisy Chain Books http://daisychainbookreviews.blogspot.com – Top 10 female book characters. Ooh! This was a good one. Got me thinking – and tweeting – reckon it will test your grey cells too.

4th August Readraptor http://www.readaraptor.co.uk – Why I wrote about 9/11. Getting a bit more serious now. This is about the article that started it all and other sources of inspiration.

5th August Serendipity – www.serendipityreviews.co.uk/endipityreviews.co.uk/ Terrorism and kids lit. My response to ‘that’ WSJ article I guess. And musings on whether certain topics aren’t suitable for teen fiction. This is my masterpiece!

6th August Amaterusreads http://amaterasureads.blogspot.com/ – Farewell gig ! This is the last date on my blog tour so I figure it’ll be a bit like the last night of the proms. Actually, no, not like that at all. Think last night of the Glee tour (I was there! It rocked and I love you, Blane Warbler!) Tears, tantrums and tiaras, waving lighters in the air, epic farewell speeches (think Gwynnie at the Oscars!) and much, much more!

So, there you have it – my blog tour in a nutshell! Hope you’ll be coming along for the ride – and check out those amazing sites while you are there. They are little bits of bookish paradise!

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