Catherine Bruton


“I Predict a Riot is a powerful and thought-provoking YA novel about gangs, class and race … A gripping plot propels this exciting tale”

Martin Chilton – The Telegraph

‘A remarkable debut …a story about imagination, tolerance and manga. With memorable multi-racial characters, it is witty, wise and compelling’

The Sunday Times Best Books of 2011

Aimed at teenagers, Catherine Bruton’s We Can Be Heroes (Egmont, £6.99) nevertheless deserves high praise for its clarity and feeling. The story of a boy whose father is killed in New York, it explores bereavement, prejudice, making friends and growing up, and is sufficiently thoughtful and well written to appeal to grey-haired cynics, too.

Jason Burke, The Evening Standard

‘One of the finest teen writers of recent years.’

The Guardian

An important book: brave, honest, funny and very tense…beautifully written in accessible and sensitive prose with really strong characterisation and sparkling, vivid dialogue… Bruton asks the reader to confront prejudice – both the snobbisness dislike of white trash families and of the racism that brands an entire community guilty for the actions of a few… I loved We Can Be Heroes and heartily recommend it to you.

Hazel Holmes, Chicklish

I just read We Can Be Heroes, and I loved it. Its a really poignant story. The strength of the characters really shines through, and that made it really stand out for me. Its one of those books I keep thinking about after Ive finished it and I wish we knew what happens to them all – I want to know how Ben gets on with his mum, and how Jed copes. I loved Priti – we could all do with a Priti in our lives I think – shed sort a few things out. We could probably do with her here! I think its a great, great book!

Rachel Airey, WHSmiths

Fragmented family and simmering racial tensions come to a dramatic head in this outstanding debut novel. Its not just an issues book t though. At its heart are funny, memorable characters trying to make sense of their chaotic world. … one to watch!

The Bookseller, May

An astonishing, inventive, almost playful treatment of a blizzard of issues: honour killing, terrorism, far right extremism, racism, forced marriage, a race riot, a child disappearance. It is a mark of the authors skill that they never become a morass of issues. They never overwhelm the story …This is a book that deals with serious issues in an endearing, humorous way. It is a remarkable piece of work.

Alan Gibbons, Books for Keeps

I love Catherine’s writing. She has a great talent when it comes to tackling the controversial and being able to illuminate all sides – it’s a real skill. We Can Be Heroes tackles many subjects and leaves you more thoughtful about the world around you.

Gill McClay, Bath Kids Literature Festival

Bruton proves herself a real rising star with this poignant, funny and very readable tale of three teenagers pursuing the talent show dream in the recession-hit North West. Wonderful contemporary storytelling with  characters who really get under your skin ‘Pop!’ is ‘Billy Elliot’ meets ‘The X Factor’ via ‘Shameless’.’

The Bookseller on ‘Pop!’

Serious themes, but Ben is such an engaging character and Catherine Bruton writes in such a sparky way that We Can Be Heroes is actually a hugely entertaining book. Perfect for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce and Michael Morpurgo.

Red House Books

A big brave debut, unafraid to tackle the devastating effects of 9/11… August Booksellers Choice.

The Bookseller, June

We Can be Heroes: ‘Tender, sad, but also tense and exciting. An excellent book with high ambitions. It tries to do many things and pulls them all off.

Pop: ’Bruton wrote a superb first novel but if anything I like ‘Pop!’ even more… beautiful, beautiful writing’

Alastair McGowan, novelist

An important book: brave, honest, funny and very tense…beautifully written in accessible and sensitive prose with really strong characterisation and sparkling, vivid dialogue… Bruton asks the reader to confront prejudice – both the snobbisness dislike of white trash families and of the racism that brands an entire community guilty for the actions of a few… I loved We Can Be Heroes and heartily recommend it to you.

The Bookbag

It’s a book that pushes boundaries; it addresses racial and class issues and explodes stereotypes . . . but most of all it’s funny, moving, madcap and utterly unputdownable. … Catherine’s writing reminds me of Frank Cottrell Boyce’s work: she delivers a cracking rollercoaster of a plot, beautifully observed and full of unforgettable characters. We Can Be Heroes is a novel with heart and soul and real staying power that offers something to everyone from 11-111. It’s Catherine’s first book for children and young adults (her second, Pop!, is coming in 2012) and I have no doubt that readers will fall in love with it just as much as I have.


In Catherine Bruton‘s recent novel We Can Be Heroes quiet, kindly Ben, deprived of his dad as a toddler when the Twin Towers fell, has tried in vain to provide adult support for his mother, who reacts to stress and grief with creeping OCD and a gradual but adamant refusal to eat. Ben is packed off to stay with his grandparents while she’s treated, attempting to maintain control of his unresolved questions by writing meticulous lists, as neither grandparents nor mother will talk to him about what’s going on. The unfairness of the phone’s silence, interrupted only by sporadic calls between softly-speaking adults, creates a subtle, pervasive sense of Ben’s sadness and frustration, flowering slowly into anger as his riotously eccentric friend and turbulent cousin lead him headlong into rash, uncharted territory.

Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

A funny and very realistic exploration of childhood, friendship and what to do when faced with problems much bigger than yourself.

Sally Nicholls, novelist

Contemporary themes and strong emotional core help this stand out from the wave of family dramas…Egmont sees it as their Curious Incident.

The Bookseller, July

This is a powerful novel in which …fantasy and reality merge in an extraordinary climax full of suspense and drama. There is much humour in this story but a dark side too.

Jean Marshall, Book-Time magazine

For anyone afraid that We Can Be Heroes is ‘just for kids’-don’t worry…Catherine Bruton has ensured that it has something in it for everyone, of any age….What surprised me about We Can Be Heroes is the sheer hilarity of it all, particularly the first half of the novel… [it]had me smiling, in similar ways to the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.

This wonderful novel tells about the imagination of kids, of consequence, and of parents, who are often a lot less mature than their children. If you’re a parent, you’ll love this, and if you’re not, you’ll love it anyway.

Thirst for Fiction

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