Take a peek into my drawers (sorry, bookshelves)

What can you learn about a writer by checking out their bookshelves? Quite a lot, I’ve decided. So when the lovely Kirsty at www.overflowinglibrary.com invited me to take part in her Bookcase Showcase feature I leapt at the chance … and then I panicked! First of all, I was terrified: what would my shelves reveal about me? What secrets lurked on my dusty bookcases? It suddenly all felt very intimate – like exposing the contents of one’s underwear drawer ( which is mostly full of holey socks looking sadly for their long lost partners in my case!) My second thought was – I have to tidy up! I can’t let anyone see the muddle that lurks beneath the perfectly crafted prose of my novels (wait, I’m not sure my novels are so perfectly crafted. In fact I think my writing might be about as madcap and chaotic as my bookcases – but, ho hum!)

Anyway, eventually I swallowed my inhibitions and laid my bookshelves bare for scrutiny. It still felt a bit like an episode of Gok Wan’s ‘How to look good naked’ cos a girl’s book choices – and how she organises them – will reveal the inner working of her soul (but at least I didn’t have to show my my wibbly-wobbly post-baby jelly belly!!). Or maybe it was like a session on the therapist’s couch – only way cheaper! Seriously, it’s all there on your bookshelves, you know! And if you don’t believe me, go visit http://www.overflowinglibrary.com/p/bookcase-showcase.html on 6th August and see what you can find out about the secret workings of my heart from the contents of my home library.

And then go and look at your own book collection and see what it says about you! Ooh, and then write and tell me! I’d love to hear what your shelves reveal!

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